Iker Spozio

I was born in Italy and I'm currently living in Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain.
I’m part of a family, on my father’s side, working for generations in the art field, specializing in mural painting and, in particular, in “al fresco” painting. 
Being exposed to art from childhood, I learnt techniques directly from my father and grandfather.

After a degree in Modern Art History and studies in Archaeology in Milan's Statale University, I started working as an illustrator, mostly in the music and publishing fields, before switching to full-time painting.

My multiple interests in art, and in painting specifically, influenced my style. 
I’ve always been passionate about late 19th century painting and the early 20th century avant-garde but I also draw inspiration from ancient art (Greek, Egyptian, Roman and Etruscan) and African and Oceanian sculpture.

Most of my work is done in egg and oleoresin tempera on calcium caseinate, my technique of choice and one that dates back to ancient times and became widely used in the early Middle Ages. 
In terms of composition and color, my work is based on some of my main subjects of study: all the various laws for a harmonic division of the painting's surface - from ancient times to the early 20th century -, the work of Gestalt authors (Wertheimer, Kanizsa, Arnheim) and the optical/chromatic theories of scientists such as Chevreul, Munsell and Ostwald.